Dubai “Creates” Artificial Rain: Drones Fight Against High Temperatures.

We often see it behind the scenes of movies: machines rain down on actors while they perform their heroic or romantic deeds. The artificial rain is however not only used for scenic purposes: the Arab Emirates decided to use this method to deal with the wave of abnormal heat. Temperatures have indeed reached 50 ° C and there were no rainy days, forcing residents to face adverse conditions and also endangering the economy.


image credit: Ryan Miglinczy/Unsplash

Dubai has therefore taken action in an attempt to combat the heat, turning to technology: it has been announced that the United Arab Emirates has funded a project in which drones have been tasked with controlling the weather and temperatures. Dubai created – and we can also see that it succeeded – artificial rain in an attempt to cope with the sweltering temperatures. The country has donated a total of $ 15 million for these projects, behind which is the University of Reading, which has been tasked with creating drones to monitor the weather.


But how do drones work? How do they make fake rain? Drones electrocute clouds with an electrical charge that is apparently capable of charging rain clouds. Scientists claim that this charge can dramatically increase the likelihood of droplets falling like rain. The people working on the project are trying to make these droplets, which are inside the clouds, big enough that they can survive on the surface outside the clouds. This technique is free of chemicals and, after the first experiments, Dubai was the first city to experiment with drones: the result is obvious since a heavy downpour watered the streets.


image credit: George Kroeker/Unsplash

We can see it on some videos, shared on the Instagram profile of Official UAE Weather: the drones worked so well that in some parts of the country there were weather alerts: due to heavy rain (or maybe ” thanks to “them), drivers were invited to be careful on the roads, which had become slippery.  

source used: newsweek

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