One Of The Driest Deserts In The World Regains Color After Three Years, With More Than 200 Species Of Flowers

One of the driest deserts on the planet has resumed flowering after three years. We are talking about the fascinating arid desert of Atacama, Chile, considered one of the driest in all of Latin America . Usually, the drought and heat, which usually pushes maximum temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius, does not allow this corner of nature to dress in bright colors, but after the last bloom of 2017, the Atacama has began to re-reveal all its splendor.

Speaking of the extraordinary flowering of the arid Atacama Desert, this natural area of ​​Chile also experienced a particularly cold and snowy season in August, when only a month later, the thousand colors of the flowers were proudly displayed as every 3/4 years.

According to CONAF (National Forestry Corporation of Chile), flowering in 2020 concerned the provinces of Huasco and Freirina, which represent a good part of the dry zone of Atacama.


A visual and natural spectacle that comes to life thanks to the more than 200 species of flowers that thrive in the desert region of Chile and which continue to live there thanks to the torrential rains of mid-season. A spectacle that doesn’t take place every year, however, and draws hundreds of thousands of tourists every time the magic happens again.

source used: CONAF

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