Don’t toss those eggshells! Here’s why you should keep them

For individuals who appreciate having eggs for breakfast regularly, there are several advantages that eggshells can provide. Take a look at the following article to understand why discarding eggshells in the trash should be avoided.

1. Natural Pest Deterrent

Slugs, worms, and snails can often be found in your garden, damaging your flowers. To prevent this, try using crushed eggshells as a solution. By spreading them around your plants, you should notice a positive change in no time. These pests are actually deterred by the scent of eggshells, making them less likely to come back to your garden.

2. Repels Deer

Living in a wooded area often means frequent visits from deer, who have a tendency to destroy gardens and plants. Utilizing eggshells, like with insects, can help repel deer and keep them away from your garden.

3. Bird Feed

Some creatures are deterred by eggshells, but they are highly appealing to others. Birds are particularly fond of eggshells, so scattering them in your garden can attract these feathered creatures to feast on their preferred snack. This method not only brings joy to people by showcasing the beauty and melodies of birds, but also helps in controlling unwanted insects.

4. Boost Your Soil’s Health

Creating an eggshell solution or eggshell dust as fertilizer provides a sustainable option, repurposing what would otherwise be discarded in your local landfill.

The presence of calcium carbonate in them helps to naturally reduce the acidity of the soil, providing a benefit to plants that prefer lower pH levels. This alteration raises the soil’s alkalinity, improving the uptake of nutrients by these plants.

5. Keep Your Veggies Healthy

Adding crushed eggshells to the soil can assist in preventing blossom end rot in plants like tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers that are susceptible to calcium deficiencies. The calcium carbonate found in eggshells helps the vegetables remain healthy, colorful, and flavorful.

6.Raise pH for Potted Plants


In regards to potted plants, a horticulture educator from the University of Illinois Extension points out that “Eggshells have been proven to raise soil pH in greenhouse experiments involving potted plants. The limited amount of soil in a pot is quite different from the extensive amount of soil in a typical garden…It is improbable for the average homeowner to accumulate sufficient eggshells to elevate their soil pH.”

7. Composting Made Easy

Crushed eggshell material is very beneficial for composting because eggshells and citrus peels can decompose gradually in a compost pile or bin. As they decompose, they enrich the compost material with essential nutrients and minerals.

Before adding to the compost, it is essential to rinse the shells to get rid of any raw egg residue. Crushing the shells into smaller pieces will help speed up the decomposition process, as smaller pieces break down more quickly compared to whole eggs.

Utilize eggshells to improve the appearance of your garden or potted plants the next time you have eggs.

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