Don’t Call It Camping: This Vehicle Can Become A Luxury Apartment Like A Transformer.

If you think that a camping trip is an uncomfortable situation, where comfort is reduced to the essentials, we are sure that the vehicle that we are going to show you will change your mind.

It’s called Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition and it would be rather simplistic to call it ” camper “. This vehicle is comparable to a small luxury house on wheels, full of innovative ideas. One of them? Its walls and roof are not mere covers at all, but movable and extendable parts that allow the motorhome to expand its space, almost as if it were a kind of “Transformer” .


image credit: Runaway couple/Youtube

Robotics , in recent years, has made giant strides: the evidence is before our eyes every dayCompared to just a few years ago, today it is possible to design and build even what was previously unthinkable. The designers of Maxus Life, a vehicle developed by SAIC Motor, the Chinese automaker considered the third-largest automotive producer group in the Asian country, know this.


image credit: LOVE CAR/Youtube

The V90 Villa Edition is not one of those bulky, long, and uncomfortable campers to transport. On the contrary, this is where its strength lies: from its contained dimensions when in operation, it can expand into a comfortable and luxurious space of around 65 square meters. While parked, of course, and using its sliding parts.


image credit: LOVE CAR/Youtube

Its roof rises and extends to create a veranda placed in height as if it were on the second floor of the motorhome. And this is not a standard motorhome awning, but a real bedroom, with a small balcony. But the innovations of this Maxus Life do not stop there.


image credit: LOVE CAR/Youtube

To get to the second floor, passengers have a small but efficient elevator, unheard of in a motorhome.


image credit: LOVE CAR/Youtube

It is almost needless to add that everything is enriched with first-class accessories, electronics, comforts, and entertainment, designed and manufactured to create a “premium” setting .


image credit: LOVE CAR/Youtube

There’s pretty much everything except, unfortunately, one thing that would have made the V90 almost perfect: the solar panels. Beyond the ecological aspect which has been neglected, the addition of such devices would have allowed the owners of this vehicle to achieve significant energy and cost savings. For some, however, this saving maybe a negligible aspect, especially if you are willing to shell out over 340,000 euros to buy it …


image credit: LOVE CAR/Youtube

An amount that is certainly not within everyone’s reach, which makes this camper-Transformer a real luxury for the chosen few. What do you think? Would you give yourself such a gift if you had the chance?


image credit: LOVE CAR/Youtube

source used: Motortrend

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