Dog Lost Both Owners To The Coronavirus, Now He Is Looking For A Home That Fills Him With Love

Che-Che was left homeless due to the death of his owners

The United States is the country with the first place in confirmed cases of COVID-19. Every day the number of infections rises as do the deceased. Many of us see only one statistic and sometimes we forget the stories they leave behind after their departure.

In New Jersey a couple who died, left a poor dog alone and with no one to care for him. That is why the Monmouth County SPCA conducted a campaign to help Che-Che, the dog who arrived at their facilities shaking and scared.

“We cannot imagine what it is like for a dog like her to suddenly lose everything she has known and then end up in an unknown place ” published the SPCA in the history of the dog.


The agency states that the dog only needs a little comfort but that also “With a touch of love” that rescuers give her, she began to feel safe again.

The dog requires veterinary attention, vaccinations and a hot bath so she can be ready to receive the love she deserves.

The rescue group knows of the situation for which it lost its owners and wants to honor the family to which it belonged. They seek to take her to a home that fills her with love as her previous owners did.


Che-Che is currently on a waiting list to be adopted. This dog is not the only one who has suffered from this outcome, because as long as the infections continue to grow, the deaths could cause cases like this to be repeated . The SPCA is already preparing for this.


“Unfortunately, Che-Che is the first of many animals that we anticipate will need a safe haven in these uncertain times. We are asking for your support now to make sure that each animal has a loving place to call home while temporarily without one, ”the agency said in a statement.

If we do not want these stories to repeat themselves in our countries, our best defense remains the same: we must stay at home. Share this story to help prevent more such cases from occurring.

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