This Dog Doesn’t Like To Have A Shower, But He Consoles His Mother When She Gets The Chance

You may not interest in something, but you may try to console others to do the same thing that you don’t like. You want to help others to face the incident while pretending that you’re ok. It’s really outstanding. Here’s the story of a go-lucky pug named Diego. He even doesn’t want to look at bathing, he hates so much for it. But he doesn’t forget to console his mom for that when she gets her chance. Here’s more about the story.

He hates so much to have a shower. That’s the worst thing in his life.

The water filling sound and the view of suds frighten him. Diego cries whenever he’s been taken o shower. This is not going to be the end.

Muñoz shared that, “He’s always hated when I take baths and he would scream cry the whole time.”

The dog tries to console his owner as he thinks she also feels the same thing as him. We will see how? Muñoz added, “He started offering me a paw.”

He cling by even if he hates the shower. He’s scared to let his mom be alone while bathing. He’s so cute.

Muñoz said that “It’s very heroic and noble of him!” .

The pup is mistaken about the thought of his mom’s bath. But the way he cares is really great.. But the way he cares is really great. He stays with his mother in the best way. Diego is acting if he’s not afraid of sowers while his mom is taking showers. So, his mom loves him so much. So, keep a dog pet with you at home as he’ll be with you every time.

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