10 Curiosities About Dobermans That You Should Know

These dogs are beautiful.

Just like every person in the universe, every breed of dog is different. Some think that Labradors are a faithful and obedient dog, Chihuahuas are grumpy, and that Dobermans are moody of the breeds, but nothing is further from being real.

If you chose one as a life partner, you will know its qualities well, or if you are tempted to adopt one as a pet, here are 10 curious facts that you should know about this beautiful breed.

#1. It is a designed breed.

In the 19th century,  Karl Friedrich Dobermann,  a German businessman, dreamed of a protective and guard dog with some agility. For this he crossed several breeds such as the Rottweiler, Weimaraner and the Pinscher, resulting in the great Doberman.

#2. They are not dangerous.

They are said to be a grumpy and aggressive breed, but the reality is that they are peaceful but very protective, it is imperative to earn their trust, if you get it, you will have a friend for life.

#3. Protect

They were previously used as police dogs due to their protective spirit and visual acuity along with their great ability to run. If you have one you can confirm that they need to be walked daily due to their energy.

#4. They are historical

In the United States War Dog Cemetery, there is a sculpture of a Doberman in commemoration of the help given by these dogs in  World War II.

#5. Your genetic heritage.

They are related to the mini pinscher, if you look at their physique, they are very similar.

#6. Aesthetics was not his ally.

Years ago, when they were puppies, their ears and tails were cut off. This cruel fashion went down in history.

#7. They are sensitive to cold.

It is considered to be a strong and powerful breed, although they can spend hours outside in very low temperatures,  the truth is that they need to live indoors  as they are very sensitive to cold.

#8. They are not easy to train

This breed is known for being stubborn and  difficult to train,  but once they learn, not many breeds are smarter and more disciplined than they are.

#9. They are very smart.

They are located in  intelligence ranking prepared by Stanley Coren in fifth place.

#10. They do not shed hair

If this was your main impediment for having this breed of dog, you should know that it is  a very clean breed  that does not shed hardly any hair.

Do you want to have a dog of this breed or do you know someone? Share this note so they know how cool this dog is.

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