Discovery In The Congo Of A Real Mountain Of Gold: People Flock With Shovels And Pickaxes To Extract It.

Sometimes the biggest surprises are in the most unexpected places. We have learned this by reading and telling all the stories of incredible discoveries made by more or less unconscious explorers, who at any moment found themselves in the hands of small and large treasures.

But in the case we’re going to talk about, it’s an entire mountain that turned out to be a real gold mine, in the most literal sense of the word. This is what happened in the Congo, where the inhabitants of several villages discovered that a mountain in the region was a real deposit, rich in this precious material, so much so that its soil is composed of 60 to 90 % . Needless to say, this sensational discovery immediately grabbed the headlines.


image credit: Ahmad Algohbary/Twitter

It’s not every day that you discover that a mountain located not far from your home contains a real deposit of gold . In the Democratic Republic of Congo, many people have witnessed a spectacle that seems straight out of an adventure story , close to a real treasure hunt.


image credit: Ahmad Algohbary/Twitter

Dozens of villagers flocked to Luhihi Mountain , located in South Kivu province. News of the presence of gold soon became public knowledge, and many thought they might take advantage of the discovery to bring home some of this precious metal.


Shovels and pickaxes in hand , the inhabitants were filmed and immortalized as they tried by all means to dig the earth , with the aim of extracting the precious material. And there are even some who have tried to do it with their bare hands. The situation quickly got almost out of control, to the point that the authorities had to forbid access to the area .

“It was the most complete surprise for the villagers – commented journalist Ahmad Algohbary , who shared a video on Twitter showing the situation – an entire mountain full of gold, which everyone was trying to take home.”

People even took care to carefully wash what they extracted so that the gold would then be usable. Even though the Congo is a country rich in such resources, it is quite rare for such an event to occur. It’s undeniable: nature knows how to reserve the biggest surprises when and where you least expect them!

source used: Timesnownews

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