8 Photo Comparisons Show Us The Devastating Effects Of Climate Change.

The devastating effects of climate change are now impossible to ignore. Very often we do not think it concerns us, we perceive the problem as distant and we are convinced that the effects of this situation will be evident in the future. And yet, experts say the opposite: we can, through measures and our daily actions, at least slow down a process that has been going on for centuries. Are the experts saying it, or are there facts to back it up? These eight photographic comparisons show us how the effects of climate change are evident and increasingly recurring.. Glaciers are melting, droughts cause entire water sources to appear, deforestation is destroying the habitats of many species, and forest fires are on the rise. These images describe very well what is happening to our planet.

#1. The Grinnel Glacier.

image credit: Blase Reardon/Wikimedia Commons

The first photo was taken in 1938, the second in 2005. The Grinnel Glacier no longer looks like a glacier.

#2. A photo taken 100 years apart.

image credit: Paul Belgium/reddit

#3. The situation in 1890 and the situation in 2005.

image credit: fastcoexist/pinterest

The Muir Glacier, a glacier that once stood in Alaska, has now all but disappeared.

#4. The Grinnell Glacier in Montana.

image credit: Life Coach Code/pinterest

The first photo was taken in 1926 and the second in 2008. Less than 100 years have passed, but the glacier has completely melted. The phenomenon of melting glaciers has significant repercussions on nature and the animals that inhabit it: animals accustomed to a colder climate become, with global warming, much more vulnerable.

#5. Lake Folsom Lake, California.

image credit: imgur

#6. In Iceland.

image credit: EnterNerdman/imgur

The glacier has completely disappeared due to climate change.

#7. The arctic ice situation.

image credit: sleeplover11/imgur

100 years have passed between the two photos, and this photo comparison shows us the effects of climate change.

#8. Pedersen Glacier in Alaska.

image credit: mothernaturenetwork/pinterest

We have put together some pictures that depict the worrying effects of climate change, and we hope they will help you understand how this issue affects us very closely. We could talk at length about the consequences of this change on humans, the planet, and animal species. We hope that these images will serve to reflect on the importance for humans to act quickly, before it is really too late.

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