22 Designers Who Turned Ordinary Objects Into Something Totally Extraordinary

The main thing is to impress! Dress up, with something that attracts attention, but at the same time is not of practical use.

Fortunately for everyone, designers still come up with things that are useful and have the WOW effect! They attract curious glances because they are very interesting to look at more closely. In the following list, you will know 22 common objects taken to the next level.

#1. This tie contains regular and computer mice for those boring days at the office.

#2. “I have good cups for the guests.”

#3. Eco-friendly packaging for a bouquet that can be folded to create a kind of vase.

#4. These adhesive tapes for sushi fans.

#5. A bear that can only be seen if you cut the bread.

#6. This banana milk comes in containers where the outer skin looks like a banana peel.

#7. The T-shirt as a parody of Photoshop processing.

#8. Shawl wrapped with imitation butterfly wings. A particularly impressive effect is obtained in the wind.

#9. Eraser that as it wears becomes similar to Mount Fuji.

#10. The collection edition of the novel “451 degrees Fahrenheit” includes a match and a strip for ignition, integrated into the book.

#11. Cleaning brush in the shape of a violin.

#12. This razor inspired by a flame.

#13. When it is really boring to be in a meeting or conference, you can play with an airplane.

#14. A powerbank for your phone in the shape of kittens.

#15. A very interesting and intriguing pattern for Star Wars fans.

#16. Universal calendar until 2056, in keychain format.

#17. Buckle with a bottle opener, two screwdrivers and a wrench.

#18. The key of a true knight, even without armor and without a horse.

#19. It is not a medicine can, but a water bottle.

#20. Keyboard with suggestions for hotkey combinations so you don’t forget them.

#21. A vase in the shape of a heart.

#22. Hat with solar energy fan.

Creativity coupled with intelligence can give us creations that can make a change for simple situations, don’t you think? Share this gallery with your designer friends to be inspired by these common objects, but taken to another level.

sources used – reddit

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