16 Designers Who Transformed Common Objects Into Something Totally Amazing

Creativity is an invaluable tool.

We all know a designer, and not necessarily someone who studies specifically in that. We all have a creative side that sometimes explodes and gives us lucid moments where we create incredible things.

#1. This beautiful lamp.

#2. My dog ​​passed away last month. I had him cremated and his ashes were placed inside this sphere.

#3. This ingenious tea cup that has a compartment to hold the tea bag.

#4. A door to another world.

#5. A diorama with light to illuminate your geek side.

#6. This ball shows you what the solar system is like.

#7. An interesting motorcycle design.

#8. One person created this octopus with the blown glass technique.

#9. A nifty way to show you what your dough is.

#10. This makes me want to do the dishes more.

#11. The facade of the Louis Vuitton store in Ginza, Tokyo.

#12. This architect deserves an award.

#13. This way you won’t have any problems taking out your new printer.

#14. The vacations we have all had in 2020.

#15. These wave-shaped armchairs.

#16. These public restrooms show you how busy they are.

Don’t leave without sharing this interesting gallery with your designer friends, perhaps they can be inspired by these creations for their projects.

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