18 Designers Who Deserve An Award For Their Great Work.

Creativity can transform something boring into an impressive object.

When we understand the importance of the designer in our daily lives, we can appreciate that most, if not everything, has been done by one of them. The way our room looks, the ergonomics of our controls to the ease with which we can move around on our phones.

For example, in this list, we bring you 16 examples of cases where designers gave their all and turned ordinary objects into something extraordinary. Keep sliding to see for yourself:

#1. This dvd is reflected as part of the design, it is really brilliant.

image credit:reddit

#2. In Norway you get a small amount of money for recycling bottles / cans. They are often collected by poor people, the homeless, etc. Many of our trash cans have these holders around them so that people don’t have to search through the trash to pick them up.

image credit:reddit

#3.This man created a great wheelchair for him so that his girl could visit places never seen before by her.

image credit;reddit

#4.One way to have a squirrel feeder.

#5. Stairs straight out of Mario Bros.

#6. These fun salt shakers.

#7. The door bracket in a bakery.

#8. The packaging that differentiates normal coffee from decaffeinated.

#9. This table that resembles a kiwi.

#10. The best way to have your two pets in one place.

#11. This ancient deck of cards.

#12. This folding chair that is perfect for reading.

#13. Casio watch fan? This is for you.

#14. A fun mini bar in the shape of a robot.

#15. Never stay far from a connector.

#16. The best way to go for a walk with your pet.

#17. This Beluga-inspired cargo plane.

#18. All of these processors go together in their packaging.

#19. ¿Fan of Deadpool?

Which one would you like to have? We loved the motorcycle to take your pet. Creativity carried out correctly makes great creations. Share this gallery with your designer friends to get inspired by these cool pieces.

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