16 Designers Who Created Extraordinary Works With Common Objects

Creativity often aims to turn something totally ordinary into an object beyond the normal. When ingenuity and intelligence intersect, it is unlikely that a revolutionary idea will not emerge.

In the following list you will find 16 designers whose creations exceeded expectations, not only that the object was functional, but they also transformed it into something else.

#1. This rainbow scarf.

#2. King bed with built-in steps and room for a dog bed.

#3. LED projector that will turn any room into a galaxy.

#4. An ideal mouse pad for winter.

#5. A beautiful hand-carved Bender Zippo.

#6. Are there any Dragon Ball fans?

#7. This multipurpose chair.

#8. If you look closely at the design, you will see two faces.

#9. The clever design on the bag of this baguette.

#10. A table with built-in storage.

#11. A sofa that makes you want to immerse yourself in it.

#12. This box of cookies that makes it look like they’re fresh out of the oven.

#13. A minimalist washbasin design.

#14. An advertisement for a knife that says, “Sharper than you think.”

#15. A convenient shower design.

#16. A table with a tree design.

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