Daddy Crocodile Carries Hundreds Of Babies To Keep Them Safe.

Due to the different risks that his species runs, a father crocodile carries his hundreds of young to keep them out of danger

Dhritiman Mukherjee is a photographer who visited India’s Chambal Gharial National Wildlife Sanctuary last year hoping to spot a unique-looking crocodile. What he never thought is that he would meet a daddy crocodile who carries his young wherever he goes.

The gavial reptile has always caught the attention of the photographer, as it has unique physical characteristics such as its long snout and incredible fishing abilities. Because it is in danger of extinction, the photographic artist wanted to find this species in order to document a little about its life.

This type of crocodile used to be very common in the rivers of South Asia, but now it is believed that there are only less than 250 adults left in the wild. Luckily, the photographer was able to locate one of these species and, not just any gharial, but one that magnificently plays its role as a father.

#1. Daddy crocodile carries his babies


Dhritiman told The Dodo :

“Usually a male mates with eight or nine females, so he protects the babies from all the females he mates with.”



The man was very impressed with the spectacle and spent almost a week watching the gharial father take care of his offspring and everything he did to survive. The most surprising thing is that it was not an easy task, since he had to protect hundreds of his babies and ensure his well-being.

Also, the gharial’s snout is too small to accommodate their babies there, so they had to ride on their father’s back. The truth is that the crocodile was careful to keep his babies safe and, as a good father, there was no time to take a break.



Dhritiman said:

“I found that he was super protective and aggressive if someone got close to them. The male always stays close to the babies for 24 hours. Sometimes babies lie on their father’s back.”

Dhritiman’s beautiful photographs of the large family of reptiles have given conservationists hope that the gharial is making a comeback.



But, due to the various threats of losing their river habitats and lack of food, the gharial needs a lot of help to thrive.

Surviving is not an easy job for this species, but surely, thanks to the photographer’s images, many people will be interested in helping.



Dhritiman commented:

“With the help of my images, I am able to connect a large number of people emotionally and scientifically with the natural world. I realized that [photography] can be a great tool for raising awareness, a great tool for conservation.”

Without a doubt, Dhritiman’s photographs are traveling all over the world and soon all the help that this species needs to progress will arrive.



Most importantly, this crocodile parent and his species are finally getting the attention they so richly deserve.

If you want to follow Dhritiman Mukherjee you can do it through Instagram .

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