Dad takes disabled daughter to prom, finds $10k check for ‘dad of the year’ in mailbox later

Molly was quite young when her parents went through a divorce. Following the separation, her father, Danny, was no longer a part of her life, and she was raised by her mother, Daisy.

Ten years after her parents’ divorce, Molly’s mother passed away, leaving her feeling devastated as if her world had crumbled into countless fragments. Suddenly, she found herself alone, with only a few family members and friends by her side.

As she was shedding tears over her mom’s coffin, Molly, who was in her wheelchair, felt someone’s hand landing on her back. It was her dad whom she hadn’t seen in years. She had only heard about him from her mother, who didn’t always speak nice of the man she believed abandoned them.


After the funeral concluded, Danny proposed that Molly come live with him. Despite her initial reluctance due to growing up without her father, she found comfort in the fact that he was now present and willing to provide for her.

As a result of sustaining an injury at a young age, Molly faced difficulties in utilizing her left leg. Therefore, when she was not mobile with the assistance of her crutches, she relied on her wheelchair.

Molly and Danny attempted to form a connection, and he appeared to be a wonderful individual, despite her mother’s negative portrayal of him. Danny made a genuine effort to be the kind of father his daughter needed. However, at night, he would secretly leave the house, leading Molly to believe her mother’s claims that he was socializing with friends at the pub instead of spending the nights at home.

Despite that, Molly felt secure by her dad’s side.


Upon arriving home one evening, he was met with the sound of Molly’s loud cries emanating from her room. Hastening to her side, he inquired about the cause of her distress, only to be met with her reluctance to share. Despite her initial refusal, he persisted, feeling his heart break with each tear that fell from his daughter’s eyes. Reassuring her that she could confide in him, Molly eventually revealed that she was the sole classmate without a partner for the upcoming prom. Upon hearing this, Danny’s spirit was filled with sorrow.

“I asked some boys to dance with me at prom, but they all said no and laughed,” Molly complained. “I don’t even want to go anymore, I just want to be alone! Goodnight, daddy!”

Danny made sure Molly didn’t miss her prom. The next day, he got her a gorgeous dress and assured her that she wouldn’t be by herself on her special night.

On prom night, Danny, a truck driver, parked his big truck in front of the school and honked the horn loudly. Everyone turned to look as he stepped out, took out a wheelchair, and pushed his daughter down the red carpet while everyone stared in awe.


While the music played, the dad and daughter twirled around on the dance floor, with Danny holding his daughter close. Molly felt so happy that she didn’t even think about her disability, giggling as her dad spun her around. “My dad is like a superhero to me. I love him more than anything in the whole world. I’m so lucky to be his daughter,” Molly shared with her friends later that evening.

The pair had a blast, little did they realize that their lives were about to take a major turn after that evening.

When they got back home, Danny told Molly that he and her mom split up because he wasn’t coming home at night. However, instead of going out to drink, Danny was actually working a second job at a nursing home to save up money for Molly’s surgery so she could walk on her own again. Molly’s mom didn’t believe Danny, so they decided to go their separate ways.


The next day, when Danny returned home from work, he saw a letter in the mailbox. There was a card stuck to it that said, “Dad of the Year!”

When Danny opened the envelope, he discovered $10,000 and a note. It said, “Hi Danny, we hope this money helps your daughter. Best of luck with her surgery, and we hope you get to spend more time with her at night. Take care, Your Prom Friends!”

Version 1: Danny was in shock when he saw who was responsible for the amazing act – it was the same parents he had met the night before!

He rushed inside the house to share the news with his girlfriend. “Really?! My God, daddy…This is unbelievable!”


Danny saved up some money and gave Molly a $10,000 check for her surgery. The operation went well, and little by little, she started walking without needing crutches.

Danny finally achieved his goal, so he decided to quit his night job. Now, he can spend more time with his daughter and try to make up for all the years he missed being away from her.

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