Dad Dies After Placing Firework On His Head During Fourth Of July Party

A guy passed away after he put a lit firework on his head at a Fourth of July party.

Last Thursday, July 4th, the Dorchester County Sheriff’s department went to a house on Cottonwood Drive in Summerville, South Carolina, because 41-year-old Allen Ray McGrew had put a lit firework on his head, and it exploded.

The incident took place on Cottonwood Drive in Summersville (KTLA 5)

Allen’s wife, Paige McGrew, said to The Post and Courier that her husband was wearing an Uncle Sam costume with stars and stripes and “holding this firework over his top hat” at around 10:30 p.m.

At first, she believed he was “just showboating before he set it on the ground” but then realized “he had already lit it” and Against the advice of her and others, the firework exploded.

McGrew collapsed and was declared deceased by authorities from the Dorchester County Sheriff’s office at 11:10 p.m.

The coroners determined that the cause of death was due to “massive head injuries,” resulting in instantaneous death.

Paige provided further details about the incident, stating that “everyone had been drinking a bit” at the party, but “Allen was not a drinker” and “didn’t drink on a regular basis.”

She stated that Allen had mentioned the Fourth of July gathering would mark the end of his drinking for a period, seeing it as a chance to commemorate Independence Day as well as their son Hunter’s engagement and upcoming wedding.

Paige reflected: “Allen truly cherished this holiday. He was a patriot, he took pride in his son, and he was thrilled to welcome a new daughter-in-law. He was truly enjoying himself last night.”

The Santa Clara Unit of Cal Fire has advised the public to refrain from using fireworks during Fourth of July festivities.

Chelsea Burkett, a public information officer for Cal Fire’s Santa Clara Unit, cautioned residents against lighting fireworks themselves because of the potential dangers, including the risk of sparking fires.

She told NBC Bay Area: “It happens every year. We always notice it and we really want to urge people to let the experts handle the job.”

Although the fireworks Allen used were legal, there have also been alerts regarding the use of illegal fireworks.

Dr. Cliff Sheckter, the medical director of the Regional Burn Center at Valley Medical Center, cautioned that “These are mortars, small pieces of dynamite. These can and will blow off your fingers and your hands. We see it every year.”

Regrettably, in the majority of cases, these kinds of injuries are irreparable and clearly have a life-changing impact.

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