‘Creativity In All Its Glory’18 People Who Solved Their Difficult Situations In The Most Extravagant Way

True genius often manifests itself in the most difficult situations. Think about it for a moment: it is precisely when it seems that there are no solutions to our problems that the survival instinct or the desire to solve them at any cost leads us to solutions as intelligent as ‘unexpected.

Maybe these remedies aren’t always an engineering job, or maybe they don’t look pretty, but the important thing is that they work , and do their job! That’s certainly what the 18 people in the photos we’ve gathered below thought. No matter what difficulties life presented them: they solved them in the most creative, bizarre and at the same time the brightest way !

#1. Who said a drill is only for drilling?

image credit: wehosh/reddit

#2. When you have a great desire to skate but miss the skates

image credit: TeletubbiesCult/reddit

#3. So doing, a selfie with the dog will no longer be a problem: the ball changes everything!

image credit: timo_8293/reddit

#4. An idea to patent, really brilliant, to avoid splashing hot oil!

image credit: adepece/Twitter

#5. My father bought a snorkel to do this: a good nap in the pool!

image credit: skyler_euper/Twitter

#6. A stroke of genius for those who cannot give up using their phone, even when they are at the hairdresser!

image credit: Imgur

#7. This may not be the best in terms of security, but it does work!

#8. New shoes and a rainy day? No problem !

image credit: Imgur

#9. This kid came up with the most creative way to use bananas!

image credit: reddit

#10. Perhaps a little rudimentary as an anti-theft device, but definitely effective!

image credit: Sinyago/reddit

#11. Always fresh beer in a 100% natural way: just leave the snow and voila!

image credit: rpeidem/reddit

#12. My son kept stealing my popcorn, so I put healthier snacks in the bag for him!

image credit: dildo_swaggins_89/reddit

#13. Without toilet paper, my brother had the idea to cut a paper towel roll in half: he now has two toilet paper rolls!

image credit: AvohcahDoe/reddit

#14. A flooded city? No problem: we still eat to eat!

image credit: Imgur

#15. You have to be confident in the resistance of the cable, but it is not a bad solution!

image credit: chris_r1201/reddit

#16. Sometimes the solution is easier than you think!

image credit: Imgur

#17. Nothing can stop a real journalist!

image credit: thisislawrence / reddit

#18. When the power button breaks, all it takes is a switch!

image credit: reddit

Have you ever solved your small and big everyday problems with simple but ingenious tips like these?

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