18 Common Objects Like You’ve Never Seen Them: Immortalized From Unusual Angles.

In life, everything is often a question of perspective. Looking at something from one side or the other can change everything, whether it’s a simple object or a more complex situation.

No, we are not entering into “philosophical” discourse, but we are simply describing the reality of many things which, when viewed from unusual angles, can reveal surprises we never imagined. And, when we look at these everyday objects cut in half, or from the inside, we realize that they are not that simple. If you want concrete proof of what we’re making, don’t miss the 18 photos we’ve put together below. Test yourself and try to recognize them without reading the description: they will surprise you!

#1. A cable that contains dozens and dozens of other cables!

image credit: ShaggysGTI/reddit

Here is the cross section of a 100 pair telephone cable: very impressive!

#2. Here is what holds the Golden Gate Bridge

image credit: Michael_Scofield91/reddit

Yes, this is the section of one of the cables used to support the famous San Francisco bridge!

#3. An Airbus like you’ve never seen it before

image credit: reddit

It’s not every day that you see a plane like this.

#4. A series of bulbs in their pot

image credit: commoninja352/reddit

Really amazing!

#5. Would you like to live here? It’s the inside of a violin!

image credit: sacks / reddit

#6. A very impressive section

image credit: reddit

Seen like this, these balls are cold in the back …

#7. Cruise … cut in half!

image credit: AmericanActionHero/reddit

This shipping company, instead of building a new boat, decided to precisely cut the existing boat and then add a part in its center. Awesome, isn’t it?

#8. What is hidden inside the bracelet? A simple … tape measure!

image credit: 99LivesGaming/reddit

#9. Does it look scary and almost futuristic? You will be surprised to learn that this is a simple toaster.

image credit: chairlifting/reddit

Seen from the inside, of course!

#10. At the heart of ATM!

image credit: reddit

#11. Difficult to say what it is at first glance: have you found it?

image credit: speckz/reddit

Yes, it is an accordion, we are certainly not used to seeing one like that!

#12. One of the balls broke: look what’s inside!

image credit: reddit

#13. Seen like this, even a simple packet of tissues is not the same!

image credit: dgoldstein38/reddit

#14. Do you recognize them? These are golf balls cut in half!

image credit: stamp_of_approval/reddit

Did you know that inside they could look like this?

#15. A dice in the dice!

image credit: couldbeit/reddit

#16. When Mother Nature reveals one of her elements to you from a different perspective.

image credit: reddit

Look at this rock immortalized in New Zealand: it looks like someone cut it in half with immense precision!

#17. A rubber ball, with a metal interior. Impressive!

image credit: Imgur

#18. Even a simple credit card may not be what it seems ….

image credit: iiicpdiiii/reddit

Have you ever wondered what some of the objects we use and see often look like inside? Which of them struck you the most? Tell us in the comments.

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