Co-host of ‘The View’ triggers Matthew McConaughey, his reply is very unexpected

Matthew McConaughey shuts down Joy Behar after she asked a specific question… See comments for more details.

Matthew McConaughey, a strong supporter of “responsible gun ownership,” had a heated discussion with The View’s host Joy Behar when she challenged his views on guns.

McConaughey appeared on the show to talk about his children’s book Just Because and how important his work is as a father of three. Co-host Sunny Hostin praised the actor for speaking out against violence, especially gun violence.


Hostin asked if you think you will pursue a political career in the future after considering running for governor of Texas in 2021 but choosing to prioritize your family instead.

The Interstellar actor replied, “Yes, if that’s where I feel I can contribute the most. Currently, my priority is being the best father I can be.”

Behan went on to ask, “Do you believe you could win an election in Texas while being against guns?”

McConaughey made it clear that he has no interest in getting involved in politics by pointing at Behar and stating, “I’m not interested in playing that game.”

Alright, let’s not do that,” Behar admitted and then attempted to reconcile by saying, “I just wanted to mention that I’ve conducted extensive research on your advocacy, and I don’t believe you’re against guns, I think you’re in favor of gun responsibility and legislation.”


After the 2022 shooting at a school in Uvalde, Texas, where 19 students and two teachers were killed, McConaughey went to a White House briefing and encouraged Americans to rethink what they truly need.

He emphasized the necessity of responsible ownership, background checks, raising the minimum age to purchase an AR 15 rifle to 21, implementing waiting periods for such rifles, enacting red flag laws, and establishing consequences for their misuse. These regulations are deemed reasonable, practical, and tactical.

The actor who won an Oscar said, “Some people who own guns responsibly are tired of the Second Amendment being misused and taken over by crazy people.”

Following the unfortunate event, the actor and his wife, Camila Alves, started the Greenlights Grant Initiative to “make schools safer and protect our children’s well-being.”


McConaughey and Alves have three kids: Levi, who is 15, Vida, who is 13, and Livingston, who is 10.

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