Teacher Takes 70 Hours To Turn Classroom Into A Hogwarts Room

From the first episode, one could imagine that Harry Potter would remain in the hearts of all who have read and seen its events. Here’s what happens when Harry Potter fans grow up to be adults and, maybe, teachers. For Kyle Hubler, having a class to teach was the pretext to fulfill his dream and that of the children who, like him, adore the little magician; the young teacher created a class in the Hogwarts style , winning the sympathy of all his students. 


“As a kid, I remember my biggest dream was to someday go to Hogwarts , but I knew I could never really go. When I became a teacher …. I realized I had the power to make my childhood dream come true, ” says Kyle Hubler, a young school teacher in Oregon, United States.


The young teacher believes that such an environment can further stimulate the imagination of children and, last but not least, encourage them to come to school more willingly. Often it is the unfamiliar environment that acts as a barrier between the school and the student. If children and young people took advantage of more stimulating classes – why not, inspired by the magician Harry Potter – they would more easily discover the pleasure of learning and of attending school. 


And we’re sure all Harry Potter fans would spend a lot of time in school, maybe even double their efforts. There is also a 9 3/4 platform in front of which one can dream of the impossible.

The teacher worked tirelessly to ensure the renovation of the classroom for his students; in all, it took him 70 hours, in 5 weeks .

Nothing is left to chance ; have you seen the packs of magic wands?


This is the classroom where Defense Against the Dark Arts classes should be held!


Lighting helps make everything more real.


The talking hat and the broom could not be missing in the decor.


The common area of ​​Hogwarts Houses.


Students do receive a letter of invitation to Hogwarts, signed by Professor Hubler himself!


The famous game of Quidditch!


Only the most passionate will have recognized it: the hourglass of Professor Horace Slughorn!


You can’t not want to study on a desk like this.


Beautiful, isn’t it ? How many of you would have wanted such a classroom?

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