Castle For Sale Without Price Indicated: The Purchase Would Include The Ghost That Haunts It.

Who wouldn’t want to be able to live in a luxurious castle, with beautiful spacious rooms, long royal-looking corridors, and surrounded by large green spaces? It may seem like an unrealizable wish, destined to stay in fairy tales, but it may not be: if we told you that it is possible to buy one, fully furnished and looking like a dream, but with only one “little” flaw, what would be your first thought?

If you’re curious what we’re talking about, we’ll tell you the story of Earlshall Castle, the stately home for sale in Scotland.

#1. Earlshall Castle

image credit: Remwiz/Wikimedia commons

The chateau, which in total occupies an area of ​​around 21 hectares and has no official sale price, comprises eight reception rooms, ten bedrooms, six bathrooms, two dressing rooms, three outbuildings, five-car garages, and a large enclosed garden. The granite fireplace in the grand salon is original and the walls bear the coats of arms of the royal families under finely decorated ceilings.

#2. The large living room

image credit: Savills

#3. One of the bedrooms

image credit: Savills

Built in 1546 by the famous architect William Bruce, it is now available for sale from the Savills estate agency , whose brochure details the castle’s royal origins: it is said to have been first occupied by members of the family of the former King of Scotland Robert the Bruce and has been visited by important monarchs such as Mary Queen of Scots and James I of England.

From 1708, Earlshall Castle was sold and repurchased over the following years by different owners. It was restored in 1890 by the architect Robert Lorimer, who gave a magical touch to the interior and the gardens after a period of abandonment of more than fifty years.

#4. The kitchen

image credit: Savills

#5. The garden

image credit: Savills

I have already sold Earlshall Castle twice in my 35 year career,” said Savills estate agent Jamie Macnab. “It’s a very special place. The current owner, who bought the estate in 2019, wants to return to the Netherlands to be closer to his grandchildren.”

The real reason could be linked to the “presence” of a former tenant of the castle: the mansion is said to be haunted by a spirit , more precisely that of Sir Andrew, the Baron of Earlshall, who lived there in the 17th century. Over time, residents and visitors have reported hearing footsteps, particularly on the steps of the spiral staircase.

image credit: Savills

The Baron was nicknamed ” Bloody Bruce ” for his violent victory over Covenanter opponent Richard Cameron in the Jacobin Rising of 1689.

A disturbing detail – on which the agency prefers not to comment – which can certainly make the difference: would you have the courage to buy this magnificent castle, provided you share it with the hypothetical ghost?

Source used:

 New York Post

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