Can You See Something Between The Black And White Lines? Test Yourself With This Optical Illusion.

If you are spending too much time in front of a screen and need a break from your computer or phone, the following image might not be for you. Russian artist Ilja Klemencov had fun putting us to the test with a scene that at first glance only looks like a long succession of zigzag lines in black and white.

Do you feel a slight but noticeable feeling of dizziness when you look at them? Don’t worry, because you are not the only one. But would you believe us if we told you that there is something more under these lines ? If you answered no, give this image a second chance, because “inside” there is something … or someone! Are you ready to find out?


image credit: Imgur

The image is the one that keeps us glued to the screen, waiting to find the right answer. Take a good look at the zigzag lines that Klemencov created, as you might find that they are hiding a surprise. What is it about? It’s up to you to find the solution!

However, we can give you a little help. Behind (or inside?) The image entitled ” They Can Disappear ” by the Russian artist hides an animal, as well as an important message about the conservation of the fauna of our planet. Take a good look, and you might be close to the answer …


image credit: Imgur

Did you manage to see it? Is he still there or has he disappeared? Here it is: a panda, and especially the logo of the World Wildlife Fund For Nature (WWF), which appears and disappears in black and white stripes, without ever taking precise contours. If you spotted it right away, congratulations: not many people can do it quickly. Once you understand who is hiding in Klemencov’s photo, the title of his work becomes clear: They can disappear, just like pandas, notoriously endangered animals in the wild. In addition to being a beautiful puzzle, this optical illusion is therefore also a strong message.

But how is such a result possible? Thanks to the McCollough effect. This optical phenomenon occurs when we stare at a series of black or white lines for a few minutes, as is the case here, and our perception is altered, not allowing us to see what is really there at first glance. eye. How did you get out of it? Have you spotted it or are you still trying?

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