21 Camouflage Cats That Blend Perfectly With Household Items

You have to admit that cats are pretty good at hiding. Sometimes it is totally unintentional, but there are other times when you wonder if they know exactly how smart they have become. Do you like looking at cool cats camouflaging themselves? Well, then you’re in luck, cat lover.

We have a fun collection of camouflage cats for you to enjoy and don’t forget to share them with your cat-loving friends. 

#1. This cute tuxedo matches perfectly!

#2. What a lovely row of black kittens!

#3. This chair is the perfect hideaway!

#4. I wonder which came first: the couch or the cat? So matching!

#5. What long legs you have, kitty!

#6. This camouflage cat almost looks like a mythical creature!

#7. This tortie looks like fall leaves!

#8. This white baby blends in perfectly!

#9. This white baby blends in perfectly!

#10. Be careful not to put your foot in that shoe!

#11. This camo cat is a pro!

#12. Only one cat is perfect enough to complement such a bold color combo!

#13. Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow!

#14. Wait, is there a kitten in that tree?

#15. Monkey look monkey does!

#16. This kitty is on his way to becoming a camouflage ninja master!

#17. This is a camouflage ninja cat that is at a very high level!

#18. Definitely don’t throw that cat firewood on the fire!

#19. This kitten perfectly matches my floor!

#20. Look where you step, literally!

#21. Nothing to see here …

Does your cat also love to pretend to be a camouflage cat? Share your photos with us!

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