Caen Decides To Remove The Asphalt From The Sidewalks To Make The Tree Roots “Breathe”

The theme of ecology is becoming more and more part of everyday life: we live in years where we regret the incorrect behavior we have had for decades, partly out of ignorance, partly out of comfort, because we did not think that ‘such a near day we would pay the consequences of poisoning the natural world.

These small initiatives are a beacon of hope that suggests a better and above all greener future: in the city of Caen, in Normandy (France), the municipality has decided to remove the asphalt from the sidewalks to restore air to the tree roots.


In many cities, a revolutionary change is underway: if for decades urban construction has learned to cover spaces with asphalt to keep them cleaner and easier to maintain, many municipalities are now adopting the opposite policy, giving backspace to nature.

In particular, in the city of Caen , capital of the Calvados department, in Normandy, the deputy mayor announced an interesting project to reconstruct sidewalks and other pedestrian areas: the bitumen which until now suffocated the trees in covering their roots will be removed in favor of green and grassy spaces. By letting grass grow on the sidewalks, the restoration of biodiversity in the city will also be encouraged.

The project not only promotes nature in the city but also the citizens. People will benefit from more green spaces and the mobility of disabled people will also be improved: a space of two meters between the trees will be created to allow them to move freely.

Attention to nature, respect for it, begins with small actions, such as removing asphalt and growing grass, flowers, and animals in the city.

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