Magnificent Images Of Butterflies Drinking Turtle Tears. The Photographer Explains Why They Do It

The animals have always been a source of action that can leave people speechless. Among the many testimonies that can be given to confirm this thesis, there is undoubtedly the video that entomologist Phil Torres posted on his Youtube channel, “The Jungle Diaries“. Filmed along the Tambopata River in Peru on one of man’s many journeys, butterflies are seen drinking turtle tears.


Famous for having discovered some 40 new species of insects during his expeditions to Venezuela and Mongolia, Philip Torres is today one of the most accredited entomologists in the world. During his stay in the Amazon rainforest in Peru, he managed, in his words: “to capture one of the most bizarre, the most beautiful and the most fascinating things that I have ever seen in my entire life”. We are talking about eight different varieties of butterflies that drink turtle tears


The reason for this unusual phenomenon is explained: while butterflies absorb tears of sodium, lacking in their normal diet, this particular species of turtle, not being able to stick its head in the neck, can only withstand the “attacks”. . As Torres then put it: ” Butterflies are always looking for something salty. I have seen them approaching during my trips at the helm of boats, with backpacks left on the ground after long walks and even with sweat on my neck or shoulders. ”However, the researcher said this guy interaction between butterflies and turtles is not easy to film because not only does it occur almost exclusively in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest but above all, because it is not something that happens every day. to consider the video he shot as something absolutely unique!


The wild nature really gives unique images . Who wouldn’t immediately take a boat to sail the Tambopata River?


We really hope that these places will never suffer from human presence and that they can always retain this enchantment.

Source used : Phil Torres Instagram / Phil Torres Youtube

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