This Boy With Special Needs Tells His Mom “I did it. I graduate” At Her Grave.

Every childhood dream of their graduation and they celebrate it in big quantities while their parents become proud of their children and their hard work.

Out of all the students, there’s one student who couldn’t commemorate his great accomplishment with their parents or get a hug from them. But he had to do something different to remember his achievement on this special day.

This innocent boy from the U.S. was very talented that he anyhow achieved his target at school and graduated without any love, care, or guidance from his parents as his mother has passed away in 2010.

As he wanted his mother to celebrate this great occasion, he went to her he grave wearing very nicely and with lovely flowers.

He tells his mother that, “I did it, I graduated today and I know you’d be so proud of me and so happy and I love you so much.”

He silently walks into her gravestone and keep the flower bouquet and even didn’t even forget to leave a kiss.

This is really a great occasion as this small boy has graduated with a lot of hard work. He shares his happiness with his mother in spirit as she is not around him to celebrate happiness.

This could be a very sad moment for him to bear as he had to visit his mother’s grave to celebrate happiness on this very special day.

He teaches us a very good lesson that any difficulties can come our way at any time, but we should free up our way to the target.

He has esteemed his mother by graduating from high school and he knows that his mother s looking at him enjoy happiness.

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