The 21 Most Unusual Cats, Born With A Particular Spot On The Fur That Makes Them Unique In The World

Many clichés circulate about cats which depict them as monotonous, shy and insensitive animals. Those who love these domestic felines, however, know that none of this is true. Hypnotic eyes, shiny fur, a curvy tail, and ample movements make cats irresistibly charming animals. In this gallery, you will find particular and unique cats thanks to their particular marks which they carry on their fur.

#1. The black spot on this cat’s chest looks like an employee’s tie

image credit: oasisanimalsanctuary/Instagram

#2. When he lies down, a heart forms on the body of this little one

image credit: GiorgioMD/Reddit

#3. Have you ever seen a cat wearing underwear? Here it is !

image credit: BarrelOfDuckVaginas/Reddit

#4. A cat with a REAL mustache!

image credit: DogofWar74/Reddit

#5. Do you also notice the creature “behind” this cat? Looks like a hairy monkey is cuddling him from behind

image credit: reezielove3/Reddit

#6.A geometric cat: a perfectly drawn triangle, black on white!

image credit: HOW_I_MET_YO_MAMA/Reddit

#7. This cat’s eyes are rimmed in black, which gives it an almost mystical appearance.

image credit: byu/mind-sailor/Reddit

#8. When you turn to this cat, you feel like you’re dealing with a human: is that the smile on his face?

image credit: Shadrack_Meshax / Reddit

#9. A flash on the forehead of this sleeping cat!

image credit: TheThingInTheCorner/Reddit

#10. Extra pounds and above all an unusual mark on the muzzle!

image credit: oiiioiiio/Reddit

#11. How to resist the meows of a white kitten with two eyebrows turned down?

image credit: Concerned Kitty/Facebook

#12. It looks like a winged demon is imprinted on the neck of this gorgeous cat

image credit: battousaiyngwie/Reddit

#13. King of Spades!

image credit: anck school / Reddit

#14. Look at the curious marks on the cat’s eyebrows: it looks like another pair of eyes!

image credit: wtdarn/Reddit

#15. A heart on the side and two pretty marks on the head

image credit: Reddit

#16. Who wants a cinnamon donut?

image credit: laurasiaaa/Reddit

#17. A beautiful starry sky over this cat

image credit: taykaybo/Reddit

#18. Arachnophobes will appreciate less

image credit: Catslifephils/Reddit

#19. Signs on the muzzle in the opposite direction

image credit: RespectMyAuthoriteh/Reddit

#20. A pretty flower on the muzzle!

image credit: craftymind406/Reddit

#21.The touch of pink gives it a pretty funny expression!

image credit: Icorbinator/Reddit

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