Born In 1901 And Celebrating His 121st Birthday, He May Be The World’s Oldest Man.

What is the secret of a long life? We would all like to know and be able to say one day that we have succeeded in reaching the venerable objective of a century and being able to blow out a hundred candles: in addition to a healthy lifestyle, we must certainly hope for luck and a certain predisposition. There are several cases in the world of people who are over 100 years old: the woman who currently holds the world record and the Guinness Book of Records is Kane Tanaka, a 119-year-old Japanese woman born on January 2, 1903.

However, someone could surpass it: a man claimed to have reached and celebrated his 121st birthday .


image credit: Pixabay-Not the actual photo

The elderly man who could snatch Guinness from Tanaka – who secured the record in 2019 – is Andrelino Vieira de Silva and lives in Brazil.

He claims to have blown out one hundred and twenty-one candles and to have been born on February 3, 1901, a date appearing on his identity card. If his age was certified, he would earn the title of World’s Oldest Man.

The 100-year-old showed photos of his birthday cake, which he celebrated with relatives: the cake features his name and the words ‘O terror do INNS’, which means ‘the terror of the INSS “, Brazil’s National Social Security Institute, which pays pensions to the elderly.


image credit: Karen Boyce/Flickr-Not the actual photo

The cake was the brainchild of Janaina Lemes de Souza, the man’s granddaughter, who is 36 and is chief accountant. She said it was a great privilege to see her grandfather reach such a milestone: “My daughter was blessed with a great-grandfather. We enjoy every moment spent with him. He travels, he goes to bars, he does everything. He is clear-headed, active, does his own cooking, minds his own business.”

Janaina added that her grandfather loves the forro, a typical dance from northeast Brazil, and he would never stop dancing.

The family has not commented on whether or not they want to certify Mr de Silva’s age, which if established would officially make him the oldest man on the planet.

Andrelino has seven children, thirteen grandchildren, and sixteen great-grandchildren: his family lives on the same land as him, so he is not lacking in loving company. In fact, the presence of his loved ones could even be his elixir of life !

source used: Mirror

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