Two best friends with a 2% survival rate at birth beat the odds get 2 different degrees at high school

At birth, these two boys were only had 2% chance of living. But they together overcome all the difficulties through their life and graduated from high school as best friends. Aren’t they so inspiring?

Reddit post by Tom Frost’s child Odin and bestie Jordan had many bad memories in their childhoods according to his post on Reddit. Tom added a picture of when Odin and Jordan first came to school. He also shares another picture of the boys graduating this year at their high school.

Tom described how these best friends were at birth as they only had 2% chance of living. According to what doctors said the kids were in a dangerous zone and they predicted that these two would ever walk. they also wondered that they would live an asexual life after 7.

Both the boys have graduated from high school this year by defeating all the difficulties they had to face.

The post by Tom Frost went viral. The boys had so many comments from people and they even read all the comments.

Tom’s son was worrying as their commemoration dwarfed due to the current situation prevailing in the world.

Tim told FOX 5, “But reading comment after comment congratulating our son and praising these boys actually turned out to be a way bigger celebration than we could’ve ever dreamed up.”

“He is on cloud 99 feeling like a superstar.” .

My heart became so warm by reading this article. I want o send my love and heartiest wishes to these two inspiring boys.

really proud of both of you. Please share this article with your friends and family.

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