Belgium Melts More Than 22,000 Firearms And Turns Them Into Tons Of Steel.

The issue of the possession of firearms is often controversial and provokes controversy, discussion, and commentary in many parts of the world, especially in light of the sad events which unfortunately frequently occur.

In the United States, in particular, the issue is very sensitive and on the agenda. The limitation of the spread of weapons could it among citizens promote greater safety? This is a recurring question, to which a European country has provided a concrete and significant answer. This is Belgium, where the police have asked people to hand over their unused and defective weapons to them for one purpose: to melt them down and recycle them.


image credit: Reuters/Youtube

“This is without a doubt a positive measure for the security of the citizens”, said Carina Van Cauter, Governor of East Flanders, “we have achieved an impressive result.” Over 22,400 unused or defective firearms were melted down to create approximately 60 tonnes of recycled steel.

Pistols, rifles, and other tools, thousands of which ended up in the furnaces of the ArcelorMittal steelworks in Ghent, including those that the police themselves no longer used or that they had put aside due to technical problems.


image credit: Reuters/Youtube

A very special collection and recycling operation, with a very specific objective: to limit the spread of weapons. “We can recycle steel endlessly – explained Karen Warnier, representative of ArcelorMittal – it does not lose quality and is the cornerstone of a sustainable economy”. The research phase for weapons lasted around six months, while the entire process of smelting and turning steel ready for re-use takes three days. To do this, the company works free of charge.


image credit: Reuters/Youtube

The transport of weapons was carried out in the greatest secrecy, to avoid attracting the attention of a malicious person who could have got hold of the tools brought to the steelworks. “We had to destroy them to prevent and avoid accidents,” said a police spokesperson. “Twenty officers guarded and escorted the cargo until it arrived at ArcelorMittal.”


image credit: Reuters/Youtube

” We are contributing to the circular economy ,” added Governor Van Cauter. And it is certain that promoting and managing an operation like this is of even greater value. What do you think ? Is this a good initiative?

source used: The Brussels Times

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