20 Beautiful Appaloosa Horse Photos That Will Enhance Your Day

The “Appaloosa” horse breed is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful due to its colors and patterns, without neglecting that its personality is one of the most pleasant.

What makes them unique are their different colored spots and patterns, so it is very common for these horses to bring home various awards in different competition disciplines.





This breed can appear in different base colors, some of them are: black, chestnut, laurel, suede, dun, palomino and crane; while its spots or patterns are classified into:

* Snowflake: dark base with white spots.

* Leopard: a horse with a white base and dark spots all over the body.

* Sheet or layer of snow: the horse’s hip is covered by a white base and the rest of its coat has some contrasting color.

* Spotted Sheet – Has a blanket pattern with dark spots within the white area.

* Varnish: it is the complex version of the “leopard”. It has a varnish mixed with light and dark hairs.

* Snow: is a blanket pattern with a variation on the horse’s rump and hips.






In addition to their characteristic spots or patterns, these horses are also easy to distinguish through their spots on the muzzle, genitals and eyes. Likewise, it is difficult to see the whites of their eyes, unless these horses look straight ahead. Finally another characteristic is its stained or striped hooves.

Appaloosa can measure from 14.2 to 15.2 hands in height and their complexion is similar to that of thoroughbred horses; For this reason they are generally used for horse riding competitions and for hunting foxes.






It is important to mention that as “Appaloosa” horses grow, their spots and shape or color change; so it is very common to see them completely different when they are adults.

If you do not know these horses, here we leave you more photographs of this horse that will improve your day.







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