Comfortable But Elegant: Balenciaga Launches Its Crocs With Heels.

Clogs and heels. Anyone, at first glance, would notice that there is something confusing about the juxtaposition of these two elements. Anyone maybe, but not Crocs and Balenciaga, two companies which, with a collaboration that has lasted since 2017, have presented to the world shoes intended to trigger a lot of reactions, and perhaps even to provoke debate.

What are we talking about? Simple, and at the same time quite unique: the iconic Crocs clogs enhanced at the back by a fairly high heel and embellished with the brand of the famous Spanish fashion company. A luxury partnership that promises to be anything but cheap. Ready to take a closer look?


Let’s be honest: looking at these heeled clogs, one can, at first, be quite puzzled. After all, one would expect anything but a heel in the back of a shoe as practical and comfortable as the Crocs.

However, they do exist and were presented during Balenciaga’s Spring / Summer 2022 fashion show. The idea came from Georgian stylist and creative director of the brand Demna Gvasalia who, about these super-luxurious Crocs, commented: “It’s not impossible, the question of taste is very subjective, we’ll see if it works. . We reinterpreted the Crocs. “


image credit: The Sole Supplier/Twitter

It’s true: tastes are indisputable, although we’re sure these shoes will spark some astonishment and reactions among people. Just like, in 2017, other haute couture Crocs had already aroused, always revisited by Balenciaga, who had enriched them with rhinestones, precious stones, and crystals. The following year it was the turn of another pair of Crocs, this time with super high soles and a vibrant pink color, sold for the modest sum – if one may say so – of $ 850.

While neither the official release date nor the price has yet been revealed, it’s almost obvious that these Balenciaga-heeled Crocs will come at a certain price. However, those looking for comfort and style may be willing to fork out big bucks to not go unnoticed when they wear them. The colors, for now, are bright green, black and gray and, according to the latest information, there will also be a boot variant, at the knee level.

What do you think ? Did you buy into the concept?

source used: crfashionbook

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