A Child Prodigy: At Only 11 Years Old, He Obtained A Degree In Physics, With Honors.

There are child prodigies who, despite their very young age, have above-average intelligence and abilities. Laurent Simons is one of those children. Originally from Belgium, he has an IQ of 145. Most students take years to achieve this difficult goal, but for Laurent, the goal of a degree seems to have been very quickly at hand: in just one year, he has completed his three years of studies in physics and graduated with the best grades. Today, many universities are vying for young boy to conduct research projects.


image credit: CCTV Facebook

Laurent is originally from Ostend, a Belgian city, and from an early age he had already demonstrated his great abilities, finishing his secondary education at only 8 years old . He could have graduated at age 10, but his former tech university in Eindhoven refused to allow him to graduate so young. So, with the support of his parents, he abandoned his studies and enrolled at the University of Antwerp, where he took physics lessons: at 11, he was the youngest graduate in the world. But that’s not all: the boy took part in a few research projects and a postgraduate master’s degree , which he did while studying physics at university.


But what are the dreams of this child prodigy? When he was only seven years old, he wanted to repair organs using nanotechnology . Today, after graduating from university, he wants to quickly get a master’s degree and then move on to a doctorate. His dream is to prolong the life of human beings by replacing all parts of the body with artificial organs that maintain a connection with the brain. It is certainly an ambitious project, but no one doubts the abilities of this young boy: his family has always supported him and motivated him to give the best of himself, because age – especially in such cases – can not be a limit.


But any goal, however distant, can be achieved step by step. Laurent’s next goal is to complete his university studies in Antwerp with a Masters. There he will follow a ” special program “, tailor-made for him and organized in cooperation with other universities.

source used: loop

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