Man Loses His Job, Makes A Living Assembling Ikea Furniture Bought By Others

We all know the strengths of Ikea: it offers furniture and objects at affordable prices and adapted to each type of housing and each situation. The only weak point, which many complaint about, is the difficulty of assembling the furniture: no employee takes care of it because this part of the process is the responsibility of the customers. Not everyone is good at editing, which is why Waz Mahmood, after losing his job, decided to devote himself to his hobby.


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Waz is 31 years old and, before losing his job in September 2020, was a construction manager. He didn’t think he was able to turn his passion into a real profitable business, but he had all the skills to make it happen. So he began to assemble kit furniture bought by people who were not familiar with assembling parts. The impetus came from his wife, Nuhi, who had been paid to assemble Ikea items a few years earlier.


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A few years earlier, Waz had signed up for the Airtasker r app, which allows users to view the activities they want to do and the service they can provide to other people, in order to supplement their income. . He finished his work at 4:30 p.m. and from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., a few days a week, he had his second job. Quickly, the first requests arrived and they multiplied: he assembled more than 500 pieces of furniture and even had to cancel appointments with his wife to complete the work with his clients. His wife, however, always supported him and often joined him to complete the job.


image credit: Mirror

Mahmood recently found a new job at another construction company, but he will continue to assemble Ikea furniture as a hobby. The satisfaction of starting with one piece and then admiring the finished product that he was able to put together with his own hands is immense for him. Waz is an example that shows that, even in difficult times, passions are capable of giving immense satisfaction. You just need to use your intuition and skills to successfully improve the situation.


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