Armadillo Seems To Stop Cars For Help. Man Sees It And Offers Fresh Water

Helping an animal in distress is a duty we certainly cannot avoid: apart from the fact that in many countries there are penalties for those who mistreat animals, it should be up to each of us to s ‘stop and help a helpless being. Cledson Matias de Oliveira was driving on a country road when suddenly his attention was caught by the movement of a strange animal on the side of the road: a little armadillo! For a moment, it almost seemed like the animal consciously wanted to stop Cledson’s car for help. Fortunately, the man did not remain indifferent to this request and stopped to check on what was going on.


image credit: Youtube / Cledson Oliveira Matias

Temperatures were particularly high that day and there was smoke and a burning smell in the air due to the forest fires that were devastating the area. Under such conditions, Cledson rightly thought that the little armadillo was very thirsty: the man offered him cool water, which the animal gladly accepted. A gesture of kindness that allowed the armadillo to regain its strength.


image credit: Youtube / Cledson Oliveira Matias

“He drank the water very quickly, tastefully,” Cledson says, “he was really happy that I stopped, I could smell it.”

You can see the video of the scene below: a moment that shows how small gestures and things can be invaluable to all the creatures around us.

Watch the video:

via: Youtube / Cledson Oliveira Matias

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