23 Parenting Behaviors That Were Brutally Funny

Dads are generally known to be completely dumb about certain things. From the classic socks and sandals to the horrible puns and dad jokes with which they torture us.

But every now and then, you find a dad who is nothing short of a total savage, and I say it’s even more fun! Here are a bunch of the wildest parents we could find:

#1. Some girls may think that it is cool to dress a certain way. That is, until his father decides to match his style.

Ask my daughter if she still thinks shorts are “sooo cute.”

#2. “We don’t have 19 candles. This should make up 4 ”.

#3.”My mother sent me this photograph saying that my father does not know what to eat first, since he does not know if it is the chicken or the egg.”

#4.”My girlfriend put this picture of us and her dad told us”

“Hey, are you having SAXo?”

#5. “If you say you want a block building competition, I would expect you to be ready to lose.”

#6,“You missed curfew, don’t ring the door or the bell, you can sleep in the yard. I’ve been generous this time and I left you a blanket. “

#7.”I took this photo with my boyfriend and my parents responded with another photo”

#8.”My parents sent me this: Happy Easter, blessed atheist”

#9. Dad wanted to ride the roller coaster!

#10.There is a favorite in every family …

#11.Being a fan of Ghostbusters is more important than your child’s first birthday:

#12.Why have children if you are not going to put them to work?

 #13. “Hey, stay still for a second.”

#14. A whole gang of dads.

#15. This father who activated all the singing Rodolfos and proceeded to lead them

#16. I wonder whose room is that?

#17. She is plotting her revenge.

#18. Your favorite show is on the air …

 #19. This is the right thing to do when you find your daughter’s extensions.

“My dad found my cousin’s extensions and sent the photos he took to the whole family.”

#20. If I asked my dad about McDonald’s and this is what he gives me, I would really cry.

#21. Billy had a lot to think about when he turned 18 …

Happy 18th Birthday Billy. Son if you enter use protection, I did not do it when I was with your mother and I have regretted it for 18 years. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE. With love, dad.

#22. This father punished his daughter with the mobile phone and left her a note at night when she stopped crying:

“Hello daughter, I hope you are already behaving better” ❤️ “Why don’t you answer me?” “Or wait” ?

 #23. Getting your dad to teach you to drive is a rite of passage for some. For others, it is a real headache!

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