20 Animal Photos That Look Like Music Album Covers

We have seen it all on the Internet, kittens playing the piano, puppies taking naps, animals giving birth, living with babies, etc. But what you’ve probably never seen are these pictures of animals that seem to have known were being photographed.

Their poses seem so thoughtful that you would never imagine that this is their normal performance, and the most curious thing is that these photographs could easily be the new covers of various music albums.

#01. The new legends of country music.

#02. These pigeons look like rap artists from the 90’s.

#03. Cows of the Indie genre.

#04. Angry puppies? NO, metal dogs!

#05. This clan is like for a rap album.

#06. Selfie with the band.

#07. The owls of pop.

#08. This chuck is ready to be the top cover of the pop genre.

#09. Ready for the remix of some song.

#10. The rock penguins.

#11. These horses look like the cover of the new indie music album.

#12. The new pop cats.

#13. This emo rabbit ready for his solo album.

#14. Applies to any hipster music album.

#15. The rock squirrels.

#16. This dog wet in the rain could be any Adele song.

#17. I don’t know whether to give them the title of rock or metal.

#18. The members of One Direction.

#19. “Los Meerkats”

#20. The emo duo.

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