Angelina Jolie’s leaked email to Brad Pitt’s shows the reality of their marriage and divorce

Angelina Jolie’s heartbreaking note to Brad Pitt after their divorce comes to light… “impossible to write this without crying.” Read her desperate plea in the comments.

When Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston broke up, everyone was shocked. But even though fans were sad about their relationship ending, they were also really curious to see what would happen with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s relationship off-screen.

Brad and Angelina ended up dating.

Unfortunately, the couple decided to end their relationship years later, with Jolie filing for divorce in 2016, right after news came out about an incident with Pitt and their oldest son Maddox on their private plane.

Nobody knows for sure what happened, but the FBI and the Los Angeles Department of Child and Family Services looked into the supposed child abuse. Pitt was quickly cleared of any child abuse accusations, according to US Weekly.

The breakup and the long fight over who gets to keep the kids between Pitt and Jolie is known as one of the meanest ones in recent history when it comes to famous couples.


On January 21, 2021, Jolie sent an email to her former husband, which later got out to the public. She mentioned that she was feeling sad as she informed Pitt about her choice to sell Miraval, a company that focuses on alcohol. Some people think this is related to the plane situation where Pitt supposedly harmed Maddox and spilled alcohol on her and the kids.

The Maleficent actress also added, “Even now, it’s so hard to write this without tearing up..”.

Most importantly, it’s where we brought the twins home and got married in memory of my mother. It’s where I thought I’d live forever. But it’s also where our family started to fall apart.

“Miraval for me died September 2016,” she continued, “and everything I have seen in the years since has sadly confirmed that.”

In February of 2021, Pitt said he would give Jolie $54.5 million to get her share of Miraval. But, their divorce made the business deal hard.

She gave sealed papers with details about the plane problem, then Pitt told Jolie to sign a paper saying she couldn’t talk about his behavior towards her or the family outside of court if they sold the house.

Jolie dubbed the request an “unconscionable gag order.”


Pitt made sure to ask for something important before the sale so that the seller wouldn’t harm the asset’s value after getting paid.

On October 5th, 2021, Jolie Nouvel sold her shares in Miraval to Tenute del Mondo, which is owned by the Stoli group. The deal was worth $67 million and was overseen by Russian billionaire Yuri Shefler.

It’s no accident that she sold her share in Miraval to someone who’s not on good terms with her, and part of the family house to a person she doesn’t know, right after a judge gave Brad a big victory: 50-50 custody,” a source close to Pitt told ET Online. John Ouderkirk, the judge who had given Pitt joint custody, was later taken off the case by a group of three judges, and his decision was canceled.

In February 2022, Pitt took legal action against his former partner, her company, and the recent purchasers of Miraval, alleging that Jolie had not helped Miraval succeed. Stoli countered with a complaint accusing Pitt and his supporters of harming Nouvel by diminishing its investments and excluding it from managing Chateau Miraval, a renowned rosé wine producer.

Pitt changed his complaint to try to make Jolie undo her sale of Nouvel on June 1, 2023.

Anne Kiley, who speaks for Pitt, said that Brad takes responsibility for everything he’s done, but he won’t take the blame for things he didn’t do.


After all the drama of their divorce, Pitt has found a new girlfriend and moved on.

Brad is super cautious when it comes to choosing who he dates. He prefers to take things slow and let the relationship develop on its own, a source revealed.

People are saying that Pitt’s new girlfriend is Ines de Ramon, who used to be married to Paul Wesley from the show Vampire Diaries. People close to the couple say they are “happy being low-key.”

“Brad and Ines are still seeing each other and having fun. They enjoy each other’s company and have similar interests. They’re both creative, like to travel, and are happy being low-key. Things are good between them, but Brad isn’t rushing anything,” the source clarified.

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According to Entertainment Tonight, the couple was seen together in December 2022. A source said, “It’s still early, but they’re figuring things out and really like each other. They’re enjoying spending time together.”

They went on a trip to Mexico as a group.

It’s not clear if he showed her to his kids yet, but his friends say she’s there when he talks to them.

Ines was seen wearing a cute necklace with the letter B on it, but we’re not sure if it’s because of her new crush.

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