An Artist Transforms Rock Into A “Shark” With Its Mouth Wide Open: It Becomes A Tourist Attraction.

A huge and ferocious white shark terrorizes swimmers on a beach in Goa, India with its jaws. No, we are not in the middle of a horror movie, nor telling a disturbing story. The “shark” in question really does exist, and it also seems quite ferocious and dangerous: luckily, it is made of … rock, and will never be able to swallow any swimmer!

All it took was a sharp, protruding rock for the American artist Jimmy Swift to create a work of impressive realism, based on a simple natural element. We could not describe otherwise the rock which, on the beach of Palolem, has become a real attraction. The inspiration is clear: one only has to remember the poster of Spielberg’s famous “Teeth of the Sea” to understand what we are talking about. Swift decided that this rock needed to be personalized and transformed. We have decided to present the results and effects of his work on people below. Take a good look and … watch out for the shark!


image credit: Jimmy Swift/Instagram

“The shape of this rock was so perfect it felt like the shark was already there,” Swift said of his work.


image credit: Jimmy Swift/Instagram

It didn’t take long for his rock “shark” to become a real tourist attraction, a destination for many people who decide to take funny and “suspenseful” photos .


image credit: Jimmy Swift/Instagram

It was not easy to “bring the shark to life”: to paint the rock that sits on the surface of the water, Swift had to get wet and take the tides and waves into account, which he did not care about. always allowed to work calmly.


image credit: Jimmy Swift/Instagram

The paint used is water-based, not harmful to the environment, and that is why, periodically, the terrible animal becomes discolored. When that happens, Jimmy is always ready to revive it as it should.

Swift said he was very surprised by the effect his work had on people: sure, this artist had a great imagination to make a simple stone so lively and disturbing. If you find yourself on Palolem beach, be careful not to get scared !


image credit: Jimmy Swift/Instagram

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Jimmy Swift/Instagram

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