Amazon Sells A Japanese ‘stone’ That Changes Color If A Ghost Is Nearby.

Do you believe in ghosts? Although this question may seem absurd or even stupid to some, we are sure that there are many people who would take it very seriously. People like the Japanese inventors of the special “stone” that we are going to tell you about.

What is it about? A ghost detector. This object, sold on Amazon, has the precise mission of indicating to those who possess it the possible presence of spirits in the surroundings. Let’s take a closer look.


image credit: BAKETAN – Amazon

At first glance, this object is nothing more than a small, solid diamond with a chain to carry it. It is semi-transparent, battery operated, and has a light inside, which can vary from red to blue. And it is precisely the signal that something – or rather someone – is nearby, even if it cannot be seen.

If the light is blue, it means there is an angel nearby; if it turns red, it could be a ghost. If you think this is unbelievable or at least absurd, you are certainly not of the same opinion as to the many people who have purchased this detector, an object that has been very successful since it was put on the market.


image credit: BAKETAN – Amazon

It is called “Baketan Reiseki” and is produced by the Japanese company Solid Alliance, which has been in the ghost detection industry for many years. According to reports, more than 200,000 have been sold in Japan alone, although the mathematical certainty of its operation is far from assured.


image credit: BAKETAN – Amazon

The manufacturer has voluntarily never revealed the precise secret of this stone. What emerged, however, was that “the system is based on the deflection of random numbers” and that “many users reported detection experiences which were then reported to the company”. It can be operated manually, by pressing a button on the object or letting the detector operate automatically so that every 10 minutes it scans its surroundings for any ghosts.


image credit: BAKETAN – Amazon

Over the years, the Baketan Reiseki (in English ” stone that seeks spirits “) has been updated several times and has become something of a cult object for all paranormal enthusiasts. So much so that some have documented its operation by going to dark and uninhabited places, considered “haunted”, and found that the famous red light had come on several times.

The question that obviously remains is: does it really work? It probably depends on the extent to which one decides to believe in ghosts. In the meantime, the most curious can give it a try and explore the surroundings…

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