A Stylist Presented On The Catwalks Inflatable Latex Pants With Deformed And Colored Shapes.

We have known for decades that fashion is sometimes eccentric and far from being a style model to be worn on a daily basis, just as we know that many contemporary designers make their creations exclusively for the catwalks or to be talked about. The same can be said for the extravagant idea of ​​this London menswear designer named Harikrishnan with his collection presented in February 2020 at the London College of Fashion. 


On the catwalks, Harikrishnan launched super wide and colorful men’s inflatable pants. Each garment in the collection is made up of around 30 panels of latex in three different colors: white, red, or striped green. Commenting on his very extravagant menswear collection, the designer said: “I had this idea while playing with my dog ​​and started thinking about how exaggerated objects should appear from such an angle. down from a man’s perspective The idea of ​​seeing myself as a giant figure or not seeing my head at all intrigued me, so I decided to reimagine the people around me through the game of distortion “.


And the fact of wearing these super large and very “puffy” pants seems to put us in front of a magic mirror that distorts our shapes. The stylist then explained the process of creating the colored latex modules: “My method was adopted by morphing, a technique used by people like the French photographer Jean-Paul Goude, in which images are distorted by assembling fragments of the same subject taken from different perspectives. The final 3D shape of the pants was presented in a mini clay model and cut into fragments. They were then graded and cut in latex, then glued together from different angles.”


Beyond personal tastes and preferences in menswear, it must be said that Harikrishnan’s somewhat provocative and extravagant experiment is more than successful in its end result!

Will it be the fashion of the future in the field of men’s clothing? Who knows !

source used: Dezeen

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