A single tree is enough to cool a city street at night: research shows it.

It is an understatement to say that trees play an important role in the nature of our planet. The list of benefits they give us could be very long, which is why it is important to preserve and take care of them as much as possible.

The study we are going to tell you about is further confirmation of this. What does it teach us? It’s simple, but not so obvious: even a single tree in a hot urban environment can make a difference and help fight high temperatures.


image credit: Pxfuel – Not the actual photo

The research was conducted by scientists at American University who, through more than 70,000 readings of the ambient temperature in various urban areas of the Washington District, found a strong cooling effect caused by a single planted tree. Possible? Apparently yes, and that should really make us think about the importance of these natural elements.

How many of us have ever felt a pleasant feeling of freshness spending time in the shade of trees in summer? It is this “cooling” effect that is the key. American researchers found that, compared to a street without trees, those that did stay cooler at night .


image credit: Pixabay

Although a single tree does not have the effect of a cluster of trees or a park, scientists have shown that the temperature is about 1.4 ° C cooler on the street where a tree is. planted compared to the one where there was none.


image credit: Pxhere – Not the actual photo

How is it possible? All these thanks to the shade and its effect, which can cover quite large areas, obviously depending on the characteristics of the tree. The cooling effect has been verified until dawn, proving that planting trees can be good for our living environment, especially in cities.

Temperatures in urban areas are getting hotter in summer. ” We should never underestimate the role that trees play, ” said environmental scientist Michael Alonzo, “planners should take advantage of even the smallest space to plant individual trees. We can only hope that the valuable advice from this study is put into practice, for the benefit of all.

source used: Environmental Research Letters

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