A Reptile-catching Company Issues A Visual Challenge. Can You Find The Snake In The Hedge?

Our site often misleads us: behind a single image, we can see different shapes and find different meanings. This is the defect, or perhaps the merit, of optical illusions: we manage to perceive something which is not present or to perceive something which, in reality, has another form. But what happens when the human eye fails to catch a detail that seems to be right there under our noses? Many people doubt their sight and the capacity of their eyes, and that’s what happened when a page posted a photo to Facebook.


image credit: Sushine Coast Snake Catchers/Facebook

An Internet user posted a photo of a hedge, but in which, according to him, is hiding a snake: he found, among the dense network of green leaves, a perfect hiding place. The snake managed to camouflage itself to the point of making itself virtually invisible, and internet users had difficulty spotting it. The photo in question was posted by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, a company that captures snakes in Queensland, Australia. With the publication of the photo, the company released a game: Can you see the snake?


image credit: Guto Pedrosa / Facebook

At first glance, it seems really impossible: what we see is a normal hedge, and hundreds of internet users have tried to find the hidden animal. There were two possibilities: either the snake was not there and the company made fun of internet users, or internet users were having obvious difficulties. Many people commented on the post saying “I can’t see anything”, “I couldn’t find it”, “This photo is more complicated than a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle”, “I haven’t noticed the serpent “,” I spent hours looking and now my eyes are sore “.


image credit: Guto Pedrosa / Facebook

Some people, on the other hand, seem to have managed to spot it: they posted the same photo by circling in red the place where the snake is located but, although its precise location was revealed, some people were taken aback and did not could solve this visual mystery. After all of these comments, the page revealed that the snake was a coastal python. Do you finally get to see it?

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