A Photographer Illustrates The Incredible Resemblance Between Dogs And Their Masters With Magnificent Shots

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen sympathetic similarities between dogs and their owners. Although the choice of a dog is not at all based on the possible similarity between the animal and its owner, sometimes what psychologists call the “mere exposure effect” comes into play. Simply put, people would choose based on what they perceive as “familiar”. It seems to be one of the reasons why we often find unmistakable similarities between dogs and their masters. Photographer  Gerrard Gethings wanted to show some incredible similarities through his shots. In this article,

#1. Two lovers of “long hair”…

#2. These two seem to have barely woken up

#3. Like master, like dog…

#4. The look looks exactly the same, maybe they go to the same “barber”!

#5. The Innocence of Childhood

#6. When they accompany you for many years, they end up looking like you!

#7. Awesome!

#8. Same expression!

#9. There is a certain resemblance…

#10. Two drops of water!

#11. Both have different eye color than each other

#12. BONUS: they even sleep in the same position!

source used: Instagram / Gerrard Gethings

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