They Take A Painting Of $ 440,000 For An Interactive Work And Paint On It: Arrested.

Imagine the scene: you are walking through the public space of a shopping mall and suddenly find yourself in front of a painting that looks like interactive graffiti, complete with cans of paint and brushes. What do you think? An object that you cannot touch because it is a precious work of art, or a participatory exhibition inviting onlookers to paint?

Be aware that if you answer with the second option, you may be arrested. And that’s exactly what happened to a couple from Seoul, South Korea. The two young people, attracted by the presence of paint and brushes, unwittingly vandalized a painting by American artist JonOne , valued at around $ 440,000. And for that, they were arrested by the police.


image credit: Newzee/Yotube

The “performance” of the two fiancés was filmed by surveillance cameras in the shopping center. Wrongly interpreting the situation as an opportunity to make participatory art , they did not hesitate to disfigure the painting which was only there to be exhibited and admired.


image credit: Newzee/Yotube

Thus, brushes in hand, they “enriched” it with several dark green spots , thus making their contribution. A contribution which however risked to cost them dearly, since the police, after examining the video, intervened to arrest the couple . Having clarified the misunderstanding and made it clear that they did not intend to degrade a work of art, the two were released immediately after, and it is certain that next time they will not act so impulsive in the face of a situation like the one encountered in Seoul!


image credit: Newzee/Yotube

In their “defense”, however, it must be said that the work of JonOne (born John Andrew Perello) could really be taken for an invitation to paint.


image credit: Newzee/Yotube

The artist had deliberately left paint and brushes in front of his work, entitled “Untitled”, as if it were material placed there for all to see. A misunderstood context, therefore, which misled the two young people of twenty years, despite themselves become “vandals” .


image credit: Newzee/Yotube

It is not known if, after this episode, the artist intends to restore the painting, or if he intends to leave it as it is.


image credit: Newzee/Yotube

What is certain is that in front of the work, the curators of the exhibition have now seen fit to add a barrier and a sign indicating “do not touch” . At least now other innocent “criminals” won’t run the risk of being arrested …

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