A Mother Buys A Mercedes Worth A Hundred Thousand Euros For Her Children Aged 9 And 7: “I Am Proud Of Them”

Most parents believe that children should not be too spoiled: satisfying all their desires is counterproductive because they are not taught the value of work and sacrifice. However, not everyone shares this point of view: when the family is rich, they often tend to offer their children something that others consider absurd and completely unnecessary. The gift of an Australian woman to her children was certainly a sensation. Let’s see why.

Roxy Jacenko is a successful businesswoman and television personality. She has two children: Pixie, 9, and Hunter, 7 . The girl, despite her young age, is already very popular on social networks and works with her mother: she recently started her own toy business, called “Pixie Fits”. She says she is very proud of her children because, although they are still very young, they are very engaged in what they do.


image credit: pixiecurties/Instagram

Maybe that’s why Roxy wanted to reward them: she gave them a brand new Mercedes Benz., which can cost up to 142,000 pounds sterling. The woman shared photos of the beautiful black car, with a huge blue bow on the roof, on her Instagram profile, adding that it was a gift given to her children. Pixie and Hunter are certainly too young to drive it. Roxy said, “I’m super proud of her and her brother. Pixie’s idea of ​​adding sensory gadgets and toys to her activity, when many thought it wouldn’t be popular, was a huge one. The help she and her brother give me with shopping (we work every night on choosing new styles and discussing them), packaging, restocking, goes way beyond their age, so the new car was a reward. We made a pact, we have to move forward, work harder. The next one is a Rolls Royce. “


image credit: pixiecurties/Instagram

When the post was published, there was a lot of criticism: according to many people, it was a “callous and ostentatious” gift and the woman was unnecessarily spoiling her children in this way. Other people, on the other hand, recognize the success – also financial – of this woman and write: “Why couldn’t she have done it?” And what do you think ?

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