A Man Found This Gigantic Frog: “She Is Almost As Big As A Child”

There are creatures whose characteristics are ready to amaze us and confirm that nature is truly an inexhaustible source of surprises. Residents of a village in the Solomon Islands certainly thought so when they came across a somewhat baffling frog .

What is so special about her? Its size is really out of the ordinary. Jimmy Hugo, owner of a local sawmill, couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw her. To get an idea of ​​its size, just notice that when it was held by a child, it covered more than half of its body length. Ready to take a closer look?


image credit: ABC Radio Australia/Facebook

About one kilogram: this is the weight of the large amphibian in question. An animal that, at first glance, would arouse some trepidation in anyone, we are sure. Imagine finding it in front of you, are you sure you would be able to keep your cool? The inhabitants of the village of the beautiful islands in the middle of the Pacific kept their cool, and they picked up the big frog and showed everyone its incredible appearance.


image credit: ABC News

Several videos, in fact, show it in all its greatness. It would be a Cornufer guppy, a species belonging to the Ceratobatrachidae family. It goes without saying that the main feature that distinguishes them from common frogs is precisely the fact that they can exceed 25 cm in length for one kg of weight.


image credit: ABC Radio Australia/Facebook

As Jimmy hunted wild boar in the suburb of Honiara, the amphibian became the main attraction for him of the day. All you have to do is look at it: by placing it next to a neighborhood child, you can see its length perfectly. 


image credit: ABC Radio Australia/Facebook

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” says Hugo, “it’s the biggest frog I’ve ever seen in my life, almost as big as a human baby. The Corner guppy, in fact, is one of the largest frogs that exist in the world, and its presence in nature is becoming increasingly scarce, in part due to deforestation and urbanization affecting its habitats.

She’s impressive, isn’t she? Have you ever seen one like this?


 Daily Mail

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