Homeless But With Dignity: A Man Considers His Living Space In The Street As A Real Home.

Living in the street is not at all easy, and can give rise to situations of absolute neglect, in which people find themselves in spite of themselves and in great suffering. And yet there are men and women who are able to refute any prejudice in this regard, living in conditions of poverty, but at the same time managing to maintain conditions of dignity and decorum which arouse admiration.

Like the man we are going to tell you about, at the center of a photo that has quickly toured the world, inspiring everyone for his neat and tidy living space, almost like a real “house”, with decorations and various embellishments.


image credit: I’m Chilango / Facebook

Who said that being homeless is synonymous with a lack of dignity? The man immortalized in Mexico is ready to refute any prejudice on the subject. How? ‘Or’ What? Simple: with its “accommodation” which is anything but dirty and messy. Images of his living space located under a bridge in the town of Aguascalientes have gone viral, and it’s not hard to see why.

Seeing a homeless person living in these conditions is certainly not a scene we see every day. A well-made, clean, and tidy bed, a carpet, and several neat and colorful details. This is not the typical description of a person’s dwelling on the street, is it? Yet here the “owner” has even decorated the pylon of the bridge under which he lives and sleeps with floral motifs.


image credit: Matthew Woitunski/Wikimedia – Not the actual photo

Of course, we do not claim that living on the streets is acceptable in all respects or without various risks and problems. But this photo seems useful to understand that, even in a condition like this, it is admirable and useful to be able to maintain one’s pride and a sacrosanct dignity, things which also come through orderly and clean living space.

This “room” is proof that poor is not synonymous with dirty . This is why, after the publication of the photo, the comments of admiration and solidarity with the Mexican were numerous. The hope, for him, is obviously to soon find a better place than this one, in a real house, to furnish and maintain as he does with his street corner!

source used: Soy Chilango / Facebook

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