18 Too Witty People Who Will Never Have A Hard Day In Their Life

We all have lucid moments where we get ideas so great that they could be the invention of the century. During these outbursts of ideas we would like everyone to be able to enjoy what we came up with but not every time we have the opportunity to capture them.

On the other hand, in the following list you will meet the people who were able to share their creations and who solved a problem that they had no matter how simple it looked.

Here are 18 people who are too smart and it seems like they will never have a difficult day:

#1. The best way to rest in and paddle.

#2. Enjoy the level day, nothing will go wrong:

#3. When you need to exercise and keep working.

#4. “My mother puts pictures of eagles to prevent the birds from stopping in her car.”

#5. “I devised a way to avoid eating all the time.”

#6. A convertible without much luxury.

#7. “I can’t fix my windshield so I improved it”

#8. I think that’s the best way to get decent air conditioning in a car.

#9. “Tie some eucalyptus to your shower and it will create an incredible aroma with the steam.”

#10. “The point is, it works.”

#11. This prevents this connection from failing any further.

#12. An improvised swing but it works.

#13. “This way I avoid forgetting my keys”

#14. “My youngest son tries to get packages of sugar from restaurants to eat in the car. We checked his pockets, and this time, he put 5 of them in a pan. “

#15. Walking your baby has never been so easy.

#16. “This is the way I can pretend to be awake”

#17. “My charger wasn’t working so I fixed it”

#18. “My grandparents hung a clock that goes backwards. As a result, when you see your reflection in the mirror, you seem to be heading in the right direction. So they can see how much time passes while they prepare. “

Do you have such clever ideas? Feel free to leave them in the comments! Share this gallery with your friends to make them smile.

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