A Glow-in-the-dark Herb That Tastes Of Salt And Vinegar: A Curious Discovery.

Even though science has made great strides in identifying and identifying the elements that make up our planet, nature still has some curious and unusual surprises in store for us, like the one we are about to discuss.

This is how one could summarize the discovery made by a group of scientists who, during a series of nocturnal experiments carried out by handling different types of perennial grasses, noticed the presence of a very particular grass. Not only because of its appearance, but also … for its taste !


image credit: Murukratid OÜ / Facebook

Sometimes, to be sure you’ve made a new and important discovery, you have to taste it. Indeed, scientists at the University of Western Australia, working in the arid environment of the Outback, realized they were dealing with something unusual after tasting this curious herb. And where could such an unusual natural element be found if not in Australia?

The elements that inhabit the wonderful island continent never cease to amaze us. And that was also the case this time around. At dusk, the team of botany experts noticed a glow coming from some plants that appeared to be just weeds. They could never have imagined that there was something else behind this curious appearance, to say the least.

If a phosphorescent herb is something special in itself, imagine that this plant also tastes salt and vinegar. “Someone lick their hand at one point, said researcher Matthew Barrett,” and smelled that taste, it just looks like salt and vinegar.


image credit: Pixabay – Not the actual photo

According to the researchers’ subsequent research, the particular herbs discovered almost by chance belong to two species of herbs called Triodia scintillans and Triodia vanleeuwenii , which are part of a group of more than sixty similar species known in Australia. The characteristic that makes them glow in the dark is the presence of a large number of water or resin droplets on the leaves, concentrated in such a large quantity that they make them ” sparkle “. It is also thanks to these droplets that they would be able to survive the hot environment of the Outback.

And if that weren’t enough, these perennial herbs also seem to have been ” seasoned ” to perfection by Mother Nature! A curious discovery, isn’t it?

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